An update on the Organisation and Governance Reform Program – Central Goldfields Shire was presented to a meeting of Central Goldfields Shire Council on Tuesday (24/04).

As part of the update the following policies were adopted/reviewed:

The Service Charter demonstrates Council’s commitment to providing our community with a responsive experience. Service to those who have dealings with Council is a high priority for our staff  the Charter outlines service standards around quality, availability and reliability of the many services Council provides.

The Complaint Resolution Policy and Procedure was developed in accordance with the seven principles as outlined in the Victorian Ombudsman’s Councils and complaints – A good practice guide’.  The Policy provides a robust structure that the community and Council officers can use to resolve complaints ensuring the process is easy to follow and timely action is taken to respond to complaints received.

The Service Charter and the Complaint Resolution Policy and Procedure was put out for public feedback with one response received.

The Protected Disclosure Act requires Council to establish procedures to facilitate the making of disclosures, for investigations of disclosed matters, and for the protection of persons from reprisals by way of detrimental action for having made a disclosure.

The Protected Disclosure Policy and Protected Disclosure Procedure provides a system for reporting disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action by councillors or employees.

Consultation within the organisation was undertaken as part of development of both the Protected Disclosure Policy and Protected Disclosure Procedure. It was also referred to the members of the Audit and Risk Advisory Committee for feedback.

The Fraud and Corruption Policy outlines Council’s commitment to the prevention, deterrence, detection and investigation of all forms of fraud and corrupt conduct. It demonstrates a proactive approach to preventing fraudulent and corrupt behaviour, and puts in place a mechanism for reporting this behaviour if it is suspected to be occurring. The policy was provided to the members of the Audit and Risk Advisory Committee for feedback.

As a requirement of S186 of the Local Government Act, Council must review its Procurement Policy at least once per financial year. The existing Policy was reviewed by staff and Council’s Internal Auditors.


All policies can be viewed as part of the April Meeting Agenda here: https://bit.ly/2F9lZwV


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