Recent media reports suggesting the misappropriation of funds are inaccurate and rejected by Central Goldfields Shire Council.

Central Goldfields Shire Interim Administrator Mark Davies wanted to reassure residents that that the funds have been expended within the municipality.

“It’s important to clarify that the majority of the $30.9 million of Federal and State Government funding received has been spent on the clean-up of the floods and the re-instatement of infrastructure.

“This work is substantial and expensive: $10 million – flood related clean up; $14.7 million – road re-instatement; $3.7 million – bridge re-instatement; and $1.5 million – drainage re-instatement.”

“Whilst we do know the money has been spent within the municipality what we don’t have is a detailed list of works the money has been spent on – this is due to the Shire’s poor accounting systems.”

Mr Davies said he had discussed concerns around the Shire’s accounting systems and processes with the Auditors.  

Mr Davies said he and Interim CEO Mr Vince Haining had recently met with members of the Carisbrook community about the process moving forward.

“We have invited members of the Carisbrook community to be part of an Advisory Committee who Council will work with in the delivery of the next stage of funding and works. The Committee will also be asked to identify works that are still outstanding from the 2011 floods.

“There is $2.6 million in the current Council budget to be spent on flood mitigation works including $2 million for the construction of a major levee on the Pyrenees Highway.

“We are also in discussions with DELWP so that they can provide advice on the preferred solution and whether it is the best value for money outcome.”

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