Central Goldfields Shire’s Parks and Gardens Team have undertaken major redevelopment works at some of Maryborough’s public spaces including Phillips Gardens’ pond, High Street, Station Domain’s Common and Coronation Park.

At the Phillips Gardens’ pond, extensive works to extend the surrounding rock work is now complete. The Team has laid 50 tonnes of rock and installed granite soil on the path, increasing the pond’s beautification.


Several new plantings are now established in High Street. The new beds contain Pyrus Capital trees and Polygala and Liriope flowers.


At Station Domain, 64 metres of hedging has been established along with replacement plantings of pear trees along the central path and a row of new Pencil Pines along the front path.


In Coronation Park, new crabapple trees have been planted to replace those that have been removed over the years. Ash trees will also be planted near the toilet block.


Central Goldfields Shire Chief Administrator Noel Harvey commended the Shire’s Parks and Gardens Team for their commitment to redeveloping public spaces in the Shire.


“The works our Parks and Gardens Team have undertaken look fantastic. We have received many positive comments about the works. Our Parks and Gardens Team should be very proud of their hard work,” he said.


“The Shire has excellent public spaces and recreational areas and I encourage community members to go out, enjoy the outdoors and admire the terrific works the Parks and Gardens Team has done.”

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