Work Ahead for Council

With a drop in scores from last year Central Goldfields Shire Council has some areas for attention and scope for improvement, based on the latest Community Satisfaction Survey results from JWS Research.

Results show that Council’s performance on core measures has decreased compared to 2016.  With the overall performance index score representing a significant decline, specific areas for attention include customer service, making community decisions, and overall council direction.

According to the survey Council is performing relatively well in the areas of community consultation, lobbying and sealed local roads.

Survey respondents also indicate that the preferred way for Council to inform residents about news, information and upcoming events is newsletters sent via mail.

“The results are disappointing but in many ways not surprising given the issues Council has dealt with in the last 12 months” says Council CEO Mark Johnston.

“Certainly the results reflect the fluctuations that can occur from year to year and provide an opportunity to achieve major improvements next year.  In that regard we are encouraged by Greater Bendigo who took a major dip in 2016 results and have shown markedly improved numbers this year.  The areas requiring attention have been identified and work commenced” he said.

The CEO pointed to a recent extensive community consultation process to help develop the new Council Plan and taking the draft Budget to the community for information sessions as enhanced approaches.  “Certainly the new Council Plan to be adopted this month provides a new Council direction” he says.

The annual survey is undertaken to measure how residents rate the performance of their local government authority and is conducted by an independent research group and coordinated by Local Government Victoria.

A minimum of 400 telephone interviews are conducted in each municipality.

Mr Johnston says Council will be using the survey information to assist in policy development, service delivery and customer service.

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