January School Holiday Program


The Central Goldfields Shire Engage! Program and the Central Goldfields Art Gallery and will host a series of events to keep our youngest residents entertained during the January school holidays.


Engage! January Teenage School Holiday program


Aimed at ages 11 to 18 years of age the program of free events include:


Tuesday 16 January

NGV 2018 Kids on Tour Workshop

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym

National Gallery of Victoria workshops are for artistic young people to create an art project for the Kids on Tour Workshop. All materials are provided and some of the work will go on display.


Wednesday 17 January

Succulent potted gardening & DIY Bird Feeders

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym

Potting mini succulents and making our own pots creating amid garden for our Youth Space and some to take home. All materials provided. Also make your own DIY bird feeder to take home using recycled materials


Thursday 18 January

New Year planning and goal setting project

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym

18 goals for 2018…Goal setting and planning for school, the Engage! Program and personal life goals. Learn how to plan and set goals and how to achieve them in a time frame.


Monday 22 January

Ultimate Summer Activities Day 1

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym

The Ultimate Summer Activities are fun creative summer activities for all ages. We have a range of projects including sidewalk foam paint, inspiring rock painting and fun foods to make. All supplies are provided


Tuesday 23 January

Ultimate Summer Activities Day 1

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym


Ultimate Summer Activities include recycling projects. Activities will include recycled bottle wind spirals and other recycle project to educate participants on Reuse, Repurpose and recycle projects.


Wednesday 24 January

Outdoor Projects & Scavenger Hunt

11am to 4pm at the Nolan Street Gym

Spend the day outside creating outdoor projects including Eye See You Art Wall and Paper Flower Garden. Prepare for an outside lunch and finish off the end of the Holiday Program with a Scavenger Hunt just for fun.


Bookings essential. Contact Central Goldfields Shire on 5461 0610.



Central Goldfields Art Gallery January School Holiday Program


The Central Goldfields Art Gallery will also host two free children’s art workshops in January. The workshops are part of the National Galleries Victoria Kid on Tour initiative.




Fiona Hall – who lives here?

10 to 11am - 5 to 8 years  

2 to 3pm - 9 to 12 years


Uneasy Seasons reflects Australian artist Fiona Hall’s lifelong passion for the natural world and her concerns about growing pressures on the environment. Workshop participants are invited to consider and respond to the natural world with this collage activity. For the workshop Who Lives Here? Fiona Hall invites children to create an animal and its habitat. There are millions of different species that live on planet Earth. Animals, plants, fungi and tiny microorganisms are all living things. The group of animals with no backbone, called invertebrates – including insects, spiders and crabs – make up the majority of the animals on the planet. Children can choose to make a small creature, such as an insect, spider, earthworm, snail or crab; or perhaps a bigger creature, such as a fish, frog, lizard, bird or furry animal.


Everybody Play

2 to 3pm - 9 to 12 years


Test yourself, your friends, and your family when you play this fun game about everybody. Shake a leg, listen up and get ready to answer silly and serious questions about the human body and show off your skills along the way. The race is on! Who will be first to cross the finish line?





10 to 11am – 5 to 8 years

2 to 3pm – 9 to 12 years

NGV Triennial artist Olga Chernysheva, likes to draw everything she sees around her – especially in the city of Moscow where she lives. When Olga was young, she loved playing the Surrealist Game Exquisite Corpse with her friends and family. In Russia they called it Nonsense. Now is your chance to accept Olga’s drawing challenge and create your own nonsense creatures, beginning with the artist’s little dog Hitchcock.


Everybody draw

10 to 11am – 5 to 8 years

2 to 3pm – 9 to 12 years

Did you know that in addition to your fingerprints, your tongue prints are also completely unique? That’s not all that’s special about you – we are all different and special in every way.
Join in the celebration of EVERYBODY by drawing your own self-portrait or a portrait of friends and family during this workshop. Young artists will see their portraits on display, forming a large-scale portraiture installation at each participating venue.


Bookings essential as places are limited. To book contact 5460 4588.


Maryborough Library school holiday program

The Maryborough Library will host the following events for children during January.


Wednesday 17 January, 10.30am

Waldo the Magician visit

Entry is free and bookings are required on 5461 1950.


Tuesday 23 January, 10.30am

Back to School Craft session

Free entry and bookings not required.


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