A policy is a set of principles that defines what Council will do and why. Council policies that are externally focused are made available to the public.

The following Council policies are available to download:

 Community Engagement framework 2018

 Community Grants guidelines 2018

 Complaint Resolution policy 2018

 Corporate Purchase Card policy 2018

 Councillor Code of Conduct 2017

 Discretionary Reserve policy 2015

 Disposal or Sale of Council Assets and Land policy 2018

 Election Period policy 2016

 Media policy 2018

 Prevention of Fraud and Corruption policy 2018

 Privacy policy 2018

 Procurement policy 2018

 Protected Disclosure policy 2018

 On-line Communications policy 2018

 Service Charter 2018

 Use of Council Buildings policy 2015

Managing Conflicts of Interest for Councillors and Committee Members Policy

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