The individual efforts by all of us which collectively leads to an improved sense of community, well being and the outward improvement in the appearance of the municipality

What is Civic Pride?

Council defines civic pride as:

The individual efforts by all of us which collectively leads to an improved sense of community, well being and the outward improvement in the appearance of the municipality.

What does this mean exactly?

It relates to many different things we can all do:

What is Council's role in civic pride?

Council's role is to support, mentor, encourage and facilitate the community. Civic pride projects often relate to infrastructure that Council has some role in managing.

The Council Plan has identified civic pride as a key strategy to strengthening our community. Council therefore plans to lead a variety of new projects throughout the shire to achieve this objective.

What can you do to build civic pride?

Council encourages any group with a worthwhile civic pride proposal to make a submission. This may be in the form of a letter initially. The projects will then need to be developed to ensure they:

What are key characteristics of civic pride projects?

A civic pride project will involve community champions undertaking projects that seek to build community self confidence, engagement, partnerships, capacity and well being.  This would be achieved through projects that have:

What is the process for approving a civic pride project?

There will be five key phases for civic pride projects:

1.    Project submission phase

People interested in running a civic pride project should write to Council with a proposal. Council will then arrange a meeting to discuss the proposal, what will be achieved and prepare a presentation for the Civic Pride Committee.

2.    Project selection phase

The Civic Pride Committee will review the proposal and advise Council if the project should be implemented.

The project selection and approval process involves the consideration of a range of factors. Submissions will be selected on principles including: the capacity to within a defined timeframe; and the capacity of the project to strengthen the community.

Projects focused on building new infrastructure would be less attractive than those that enhance existing infrastructure.

Submissions need to have a local, in-kind input and seek limited council support.

3.    Promotion phase

Once approved, the project would be widely promoted in the community and involve a launch event, such as a barbeque or morning tea gathering.

4.    Monitoring phase

Active projects will be monitored by Council staff at regular intervals and may provide some mentoring to assist the progress.

5.    A reward and recognition

On completion of the project, a recognition event to tell the story will be held.

Who is the Civic Pride Committee?

Council has established a Civic Pride Committee comprising Councillors and senior officers. This group is positioned to provide high level guidance. The Mayor is the head of the Civic Pride Committee.

Council project funding

It is not envisaged Council would undertake any physical work or provide substantial project financial input.

How do I obtain further information about civic pride and related projects?

You can contact Council's Director of Technical and Development Services, David Sutcliffe, to discuss any matters relating to civic pride. Phone Council reception on 5461 0610 and they will direct your call.

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