Important information for community members when an emergency strikes

Emergency Management

Emergencies can take many forms, including natural disaster such as fire or flood, tragic incidents, or other forms of loss or disruption to people’s lives.

Council works closely with emergency services, particularly Victoria Police, the Country Fire Authority (CFA), and State Emergency Service (SES), and other authorities, such as the Department of Infrastructure and VicRoads to ensure appropriate measures are in place in the event of an emergency. Below are links to download a copy of Council's emergency management plan and accompanying maps.

 Municipal Emergency Management Plan 

 Municipal Emergency Management Plan - Maps


The Northern Victorian Emergency Management Cluster has put together a number of useful resources for people living with a disability:


Being prepared for bushfire

Being prepared for flood

Being prepared for grass fire

Being prepared for storm 


Emergency Recovery

Council works closely with health and welfare agencies and local groups to develop and implement recovery plans, following emergencies affecting local communities.


Pet and animal welfare in an emergency

Victoria is faced with many different types of emergencies and threats that impact on animals, whether they be companion animals, livestock or wildlife in bushland, rural or urban settings. For information on how to care for your animals in an emergency, visit the following links.

Pets in emergencies

Managing animals at emergency relief centres

Horses and livestock emergencies

Fire Danger Ratings

Central Goldfields Shire Council Fire Danger Rating Procedure will be implemented when the Fire Danger rating is severe, extreme or code red.

Neighbourhood Safer Places

 Neighbourhood Safer Places in the Central Goldfields Shire are located at: 

Residents are reminded that:

Please be aware of the following risks associated with Neighbourhood Safer Places:




Useful links:

Fire Management & Bushfire Information

Community Information Guides

Emergency Phone Numbers

Deaf Emergency Information resource

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