Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Central Goldfields Environmental Health provides a number of important services to the community including:

- Body art safety, including tatooing, body piercing and permanent cosmetics
- Food safety including in agriculture, transportation, food processing, wholesale and retail distribution and sale
- Liquid waste disposal, including waste water treatment plants and on-site waste water disposal systems such as septic tank systems and chemical toilets
- Air quality, including both ambient outdoor air and indoor air quality, which also comprises tobacco smoke
- Hazardous materials managment, including hazardous waste management and contaminated site remediation
- Housing, including substandard housing abatement
- Infectious Disease Control
- Medical waste management and disposal
- Nuisance control such as noise and odour pollution
- Recreational water illness prevention
- Safe drinking water
- Solid waste management, including landfills, recycling facilities, composting and solid waste transfer stations
- Emergency Recovery Management
- Climate change and its effects on health
- Greenhouse Gas Abatement Officer

Click on the links below to download information on Council's plans relating to Environmental Health.  

 Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017 - 2021 (pdf 735 kb)


 Influenza Pandemic Sub-Plan 2009 (pdf 1.8 MB)


 Heatwave Response Plan (877 kb)


Environmental health Request for information and documents (17kb)


Environmental health Request for transfer inspection and report (38kb)





There is a lot of misconception of the dangers actually surrounding the inhalation of asbestos. Provided the asbestos is dealt with in a safe manner, it is of very little danger to health. Please refer to the links below to download comprehensive information about asbestos.

 Asbestos - a guide for households and the general public (pdf 4 mb)

 Management and disposal of asbestos (pdf 71 kb)




Issues of public health significance can be reported to Central Goldfields Environemental Health. Reports are treated confidentially and investigated with the aim of resolving the issue promptly. In the case of issues relating to neighbourhood disputes, Central Goldfields Envioronmental Health encourages residents concerned to discuss the matter and attempt to resolve the matter privately before involving Council.


Further information on topics relating to Environmental Health can be accessed by using the menu on the right or the links below:


Food Premises and Safety

Health Premises


Septic Tank Systems / Liquid Waste


Environmental Health

Phone (03) 5461 0647

Mobile: 0417 125 752

Email: eho@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au






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