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Food Premises and Safety

All food businesses and organisations that provide food to the public have a responsibility to ensure that the food they sell or donate is safe. All businesses that sell food (including drinks) to the public in Central Goldfields Shire must register with or notify (depending on class/business activities) Central Goldfields Environmental Health team prior to commencing trade. We recommend that anyone interested in starting a food business or interested in purchasing an existing food business familiarise themselves with the relevant requirements.

Please note permits may also be required from the Planning and Building Departments. Please ensure that all appropriate permits have been sought prior to making application.

Should you have any trouble determining your food premises classification please refer to the Department of Health Food Safety Business Classification Tool

The Department of Health Food Safety website is a great resource and we recommend that you use it. It provides information about food safety and food safety regulation for food businesses and community groups conducting food fundraisers. From here you can navigate your way around the site.

Central Goldfields Environmental Health team is more than happy to answer any queries and assist you with setting up a food premises to comply with all relevant requirements, the Food Act 1984 and the Food Safety Standards. Please contact the Environmental Health team on 5461 0647. In order to ensure compliance Central Goldfields Environmental Health team undertakes annual inspections of food businesses, collects samples of food for analysis, investigates complaints and incidents of illness associated with food and provides education and advice.

Application to register a food premises

Application to transfer a food premises

Notification of a food premises

Useful resources

 Construction guidelines for a new commercial food premises (68 KB)

 Food Safety Supervisor Information Sheet (72.5 KB)

 Cleaning & Sanitising (125 KB)

 Food Complaint process (105 KB)

 Food Safety Newsletter 2012 (258 KB)

 Food Labels - What do they mean? (1.02 MB)

 Date Marking of Food (97 KB)

 Donating Food (64.5 KB)

 Tobacco Retailers Guide (1.34 MB)



Since 1 July 2011, the statewide registration and notification scheme for temporary and mobile food premises has applied under the Food Act 1984. The scheme aims to make it easier for food businesses and community groups that previously required multiple registrations to operate in different Council districts. By using this Temporary and mobile food premises registration, Council will automotically be notified.


Useful resources

 Community Group Temporary and Mobile Food Premises Template Class 2 (4,82 MB)

 Food Safety Guide for Community Groups Class 3 (3.54 MB)

 Food Safety Program Temporary Events (259 KB)

 Temporary and Mobile Premises Set Up (349 KB)

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