RACV Energy Breakthrough

8000 revved-up primary and secondary students from more than 160 schools descend on Maryborough each year for the weekend's highly anticipated annual showdown - the RACV Energy Breakthrough . Vehicles racing at the RACV Energy Breakthrough

Join us in November to see teams battle against each other in what is the pinnacle event of its kind in Australia.

A total of 300 teams compete in a diverse range of self-built, human and hybrid-powered vehicles, as well as more basic pushcarts based on the humble billy cart.

During the school year, students at schools across Australia in conjunction with teachers, parents and local industry, design and construct environmentally-friendly vehicles.

But the contest is not just about who is the fastest on the track; the aim of the RACV Energy Breakthrough is to get kids thinking about technology, and the impact of vehicles on the environment.

RACV Energy Breakthrough involves three stages - students' presentations to judges, scrutineering of vehicles and track events peaking with the 24-hour endurance race for secondary students.

Each team features eight riders and vehicles are fully equipped with lights for the night stage.  One lap of the RACV Track is 1.3km and a top team can cover over 800km during 24 hours. Results from the two earlier stages are factored in to determine overall winners.

The event is free for spectators including a special Energy Expo where visitors can relax and enjoy the entertainment and fascinating energy efficient displays.

For further information please visit www.racvenergybreakthrough.net

 Students compete in the push cart race
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